Our activity is transformation and further commerce of textile fibers (Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon, Polypropilen). Because we are ISO 14000 Certified products we transform are reached from European and Non- European fiber producers; so we can warrant certainly quality standards.
Textile yarns are transformed inside our factory: workflow includes a CUTTING LINE, where Tow is cutted into Staple, and a BREAKING LINE where Tow is breaked into Top.
Machineries in Delbi Fibre are hig-technology ones, and final products are analyzed in our laboratory having a complete quality control.
Substandards products, outgoing from standard working processes are, after an accurate manual and technical examination, reselled on various specific markets.
Our products are placed in national and international commercial network by a qualified and detailed commercial network.

Delbi Fibre is able to supply various acrylic waste, raw white or coloured, with capacity to realize staples in various denier and cutting lenghts, also specified by the customer.
All our product brands are normally available in a lot of quantity and capacity of uninterrupted supplying.

Taglierine circolari di precisione
Regular cutting machine

Reparto macchine a strappo
Breaking machine

Laboratorio di analisi

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